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The "Standard of Ur" from ancient Mesopotamia

The "Standard of Ur" from ancient Mesopotamia

04 March 2012

Blog anniversary

It's been just over five years since I started "For Love of Words," and this is my 200th post. I thought it would be fun to list some stats.

My first blog post received only two views.

Altogether, my posts have been viewed 24,179 times.

"Dragon's Blood" rose
In general, my author interviews bring in more visitors than other kinds of posts. My interview with Laura Joh Rowland was the most popular author interview. However, none of the top six posts were author interviews.

The most-visited post, with 695 views, was "Writing about the new New Orleans" on 23 November 2009, in which I recommended some books for writers writing about Hurricane Katrina and the flood that followed when the federal levees broke.

Grammar posts, to my surprise, took second and third place in most number of views. "Double trouble: correlative conjunctions" on 26 August 2010 received 529 views, and "Word play: double-duty prefixes" on 24 April 2009 received 472.

In fourth place was "Desert eye candy: a My Town Monday post" on 9 May 2009, which contained pictures I took at The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California, and which had 471 views.

Taking fifth place was "Writing Goals 2011" on 2 February 2011, with 345 views.

And the sixth-most-visited post, with 297 visits, was another lizard-themed post, "Rare lizards" on 24 February 2009.

I put in 25 or 30 new rosebushes this fall and winter. The picture shows one new plant, "Dragon's Blood," which has already bloomed several times. I'll be sharing more pictures of roses with you as the others come out of dormancy, grow, and bloom.  

Thank you for being a follower of my blog. I intend to be a more active blogger this year than in 2012 and hope to entertain and educate you many times over the year.


ninthmuse (roz m) said...

Happy Anniversary! High five for a blog that has been informative as well as entertaining!

Shauna Roberts said...

Thanks, ROZ!

Charles Gramlich said...

I did love the pictures of your yard and the local environment. So different from here.