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The "Standard of Ur" from ancient Mesopotamia

The "Standard of Ur" from ancient Mesopotamia

03 December 2008

Share the joy of books

The ladies of The Writing Group Blog—Lynne Griffin, Amy MacKinnon, Lisa Marnell, and Hannah Roveto—are encouraging people to buy books as holiday presents to help independent bookstores survive and to support the industry many of us are trying to make a living in.

They’ve even come up with these three pretty images that they welcome you to post on your own blog.

Almost everyone on my Christmas list (as well as those with birthdays around the holidays) is getting books. How about you?

Carleen Brice of the Pajama Gardener blog is also urging people to buy books as Christmas gifts this year. To help and encourage everyone to read books by black authors and to give them as gifts, she has started a second blog, White Readers Meet Black Authors, at Each Tuesday, she posts about books by black authors that white readers should try out.

Carleen's post last week is especially interesting to many readers of For Love of Words because Carleen’s topic is science fiction, fantasy, and horror by black authors.

Carleen even made a video for her crusade:

I bought some books to give as presents that I found through the recommendations on White Readers Meet Black Authors (and I found a bunch that I’d like to read myself).

Happy shopping! I hope you discover some reading treats for yourself as well.


Charles Gramlich said...

You know, I primarily buy books for folks for Christmas, but I haven't done enough to support the small bookstores. I need to make that effort this year. A great campagaign

Shauna Roberts said...

CHARLES, I've done very little shopping at small bookstores since leaving New Orleans, mostly because the only small bookstores I know of here are 1 hour and 1.5 hours away. I need to investigate what there is closer to home.

Carleen Brice said...

Shauna, This makes me so happy--I can't tell you!!

Rick said...

I'm with you, Shauna. All my Christmas presents will be books!

cs harris said...

I have to admit I'm always surprised when I'm doing a book signing and someone buys my books to give as Christmas presents. I'm always hesitant to give books, since I worry that 1) the recipient won't share my reading taste or 2) they'll already have that book. I've always given my girls books as presents, but that's probably because I have a more solid idea of what they have and what they like (especially if it's on their list).

Rae Ann Parker said...

I always buy books for my family members and hope to receive some, too.

Shauna Roberts said...

CARLEEN, I couldn't figure out how to embed your new video, but today I added the link to this post.

RICK, books are far better than what our public utility company is suggesting people give as gifts this year: low-energy lightbulbs.

CANDICE, most of the people on my Christmas list are nieces and nephews. I try to give things that they both enjoy and learn from. If they don't like the books they get, I've still done my auntly duty of expanding their horizons.

RAE ANN, I'm hoping for books, too, but everyone knows what a huge TBR pile I have, so I doubt I'll get any.

Barbara Martin said...

The presents I'm giving this year are books. I can often find just the right topic for each person. I'm going to look into those books from the black authors.

Steve Malley said...

I'll have to my shopping this Friday. It's my only day off.

Books. Loooooots of books...

Shauna Roberts said...

BARBARA, as I'm looking for just the right book for each person, I too often find just the right book for me and buy that too. Not good for the budget.

STEVE, I hope you had a good shopping day today and got everything done without running into hordes of other shoppers.

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